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    UTAG The digital dogtag.

    I read about these things somewhere. I'm gonna get one each for me n Redlady. It would be good if we could get a bulk discount on these things.

    Here is some info from the website http://www.utagice.com/

    and the Aussie distributor https://www.slipstreamperformance.co....php?cPath=597

    In case of emergency

    UTAGŪ is the USB PC compatible digital dogtag that stores vital personal information. Designed to be the first point of reference in an emergency.

    UTAGŪ was initially developed by ex-SAS soldiers and designed with motorcyclists in mind, but is for anyone who considers their personal safety, or the safety of family or friends important.

    Motorcyclists are very aware that with the joys of biking come unavoidable risks. No one likes to think about crashing and getting hurt, but we all know that accidents can happen. If one does and you need hospital treatment it's vital that you get the correct treatment as fast as possible and for the people treating you to get access to your medical history and details quickly.

    Some riders already carry contact information in case of emergency, but it is difficult to make this visible and accessible and it can be overlooked. The creator of UTAGŪ wanted a product that could easily be seen and identified as containing emergency information and could be worn in a visible place.

    It needed to carry all the information a rider felt was necessary to help in an emergency situation and it had to give every rider the best possible chance of communicating with the emergency services, letting them know who to contact on their behalf and pass on any medical information they wanted to make available. It also needed to be something a rider would want to wear and would be seen as a worthwhile, fashionable accessory.

    The answer is UTAGŪ.

    UTAGŪ is a bespoke USB device specifically designed to be instantly recognisable and provide the first responder, or emergency services, with critical information where the victim is unconscious or unable to speak as a result of an accident. This information can be swiftly downloaded by anyone who has got a computer to hand, including paramedics. There is also a translation feature, so you can use the UTAGŪ abroad without fear of interpretation mix-ups.

    UTAGŪ can be supplied in either a robust dog-tag version to be worn around the neck, or a credit card style format to be carried in a wallet or purse. Both products bear the international medical alert symbol which first aiders and emergency services are trained to search for as well as the "ICE" (in case of emergency letters).

    UTAGŪ can store as much, or as little, information as the user wishes to provide. Once information has been processed using the easy to use step by step guide the user can implement a personalised password to enable the UTAGŪ to be a read only device.

    How it Works

    The UTAGŪ contains a USB device. The device is shock and water resistant. The device is contained in either a dog tag style housing and swivels open, or in a credit card sized device which can be carried in a purse or wallet.

    With the UTAGŪ fully open the device folds flat ready to be inserted into any USB port.

    The UTAGŪ can be inserted into any USB port on a Windows 2000, ME, XP or Vista computer. Once inserted the computer will recognise the device and run the program automatically dependent on its settings.

    The UTAGŪ public information screen will then display your details to the user. Behind this screen are three additional password protected screens.

    The information displayed in non-ID sensitive - i.e. you are asked for your year of birth only, not your full date of birth so should the device ever be lost there is no chance of your data being used inappropriately. All fields are optional so you only need to complete the ones you choose.

    The UTAGŪ is multilingual. The medical information screen lists the most common conditions and allergies with tick boxes. For conditions that are ticked translations are maintained in French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. This enables speakers of another language to understand your information not just in an emergency. If you are traveling abroad and have a minor injury or need medication you may have difficult explaining your condition or requirements to a non-English speaking person. With your UTAGŪ you just hand over the device and the person can look at your information in their own language.

    "To XB, or not to XB: that is the question"


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    Guest aussiexbox's Avatar

    Re: UTAG The digital dogtag.

    NO!they won't do bulk discounts Doug tried when I posted up about mine,if you don't want the bulky dog tag go the credit card version for sure.
    Oh and finally Nige find out off your Ambo's if they run a laptop in the bus's as the doctors over in NSW have told me they won't believe what is on them,they will still check blood type,the NSW ambo's are going electronic one day,but since NSW is broke doubt that will happen anytime soon

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    Guest lindsaymac's Avatar

    Re: UTAG The digital dogtag.

    Think aussiebox brought these up a while back. Seems like a good idea though, especially if ya have a medical condition, or relatives that care whether ya live or die.

    Edit: Beat me by two minutes, Phil. :hehe:

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    Re: UTAG The digital dogtag.

    That's a good point Aussiexbox. I'll check that out. My dad is an ambo here in WA.

    "To XB, or not to XB: that is the question"


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    Guest aussiexbox's Avatar

    Re: UTAG The digital dogtag.

    :hehe:just wantin ta get up Narty's 20000 post count mate:hehe:

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    Re: UTAG The digital dogtag.

    Quote Originally Posted by aussiexbox View Post
    :hehe:just wantin ta get up Narty's 20000 post count mate:hehe:
    KEEP Goin.

    N x :happi:

    ̿ ̿ ̿'\̵͇̿̿\з==(•̪●)==ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿ ̿ ̿

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    Guest john's Avatar

    Re: UTAG The digital dogtag.

    will look into them 4 the everdutifull Katheryn and myself looks like a good idea some of us arnt getting any younger:Stars::out:



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